One to ones

One to one and small group sessions are available in and around Totnes, Devon. Get in touch if you are interested in arranging something further afield.


One to ones are ideal for you if…

  • You are new to yoga and would like some help establishing a practice.
  • You have been practicing for while but find yourself ‘stuck’ in certain poses.
  • You would like the time and space to go deeper into your practice.

Scaravelli yoga is best experienced and taught hand to hand, body to body. One to one and small group classes allow you to tune into the subtle rhythms of the body giving you the time and space to really develop your yoga practice.

During these sessions I offer personalised hands on adjustments which allow the body to relax deeply into the experience of each pose.

If you want to go more deeply into your yoga practice and deconstruct each pose so that you can find ease in even the most challenging postures then these sessions are for you.

Costs per hour

1 person – £40

2 people – £50

3 people or more – £60

These costs are based on sessions held in Totnes. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange something further afield. I can also offer some concession rates so please feel free to contact me if cost is an issue.