Retreats, Workshops and Events

A retreat is an opportunity to step back from our normal world, to contemplate the  mysteries, the joys and perhaps the difficulties therein so that we can step back into our lives with new energy.

I create these spaces in beautiful locations in collaboration with a variety of wonderful facilitators. There is always an emphasis on the body, on kindness and on finding peace and stillness in a relaxed and comfortable way.


Events for 2018 coming soon.


7 May 2017 – St Peter’s Church, West Firle, Sussex: Roots into Reverence with Jess Stein and Beth Thomas. You can find more information and a booking form here.   

We invite you on a one day pilgrimage which winds its way along the South Downs Way and ends in sacred celebration within the ancient stone of St Peter’s Church in West Firle. With the sun, we will walk in the spirit of pilgrimage along the ancient footpaths of this land, and as the moon rises we will celebrate the spirit of Beltane with soulful, earthy, electronic beats reverberating within the ancient walls of the church.

25 June- 1 July 2017 – The Barn Retreat, Totnes, Devon: Natural Movement and Stillness  

A movement and meditation retreat for those who wish to explore the rich relationship between movement, stillness and awareness. Inspired by the rhythms of nature we will use gentle and playful movement practices to explore the organic rhythms of the body and reveal the original clarity of the mind.

17- 20 July 2017 – Sharpham House, Totnes, Devon: Mindfulness & Yoga retreat with Jess Stein and Mindfulness teacher Lynne Holmes.

A chance to explore how mindfulness and yoga practice meet while making your home for a few days in the stunning surroundings of Sharpham House and gardens.

16 – 18 June 2017 – The Clover Mill, Malvern: Finding freedom in the body: Using Yoga and Mindfulness to live with ease with  Jess Stein and Mindfulness teacher Jean Nash. Booking coming soon.

A gentle and nurturing retreat weekend at the secluded and beautifully renovated Clover Mill, an Ayurvedic retreat centre in the Malvern Hills. An opportunity to reflect and explore how we work with the some of the difficult and painful elements of being human.

16- 19 January 2017 – Sharpham House: Mindfulness & Yoga retreat – 3 nights with Mark Øvland


17 – 20 October 2016 – Sharpham House: Mindfulness for Beginners retreat – 3 nights with Ramiro Ortega

23 – 26 May  2016- Sharpham House: Mindfulness for Beginners retreat – 3 nights with Ramiro Ortega

12 – 16 August  2016- Sharpham House: Mindfulness & Yoga retreat with Ramiro Ortega

13 – 19 March 2016 – The Barn Retreat: Embodied Mindfulness with Ramiro Ortega