“Jess has through her patience, warmth and deep understanding helped me to see that yoga is more about feeling than doing and that it can be a curious, creative enquiry into the dynamic landscape of the body and its rich inner sensory processes.”

Sebastian, Bodyworker

“I have NEVER been to a class where the teacher has gone to so much trouble to change the class and adjust the lessons to cater for everyones needs. That has been amazing. Of course I LOVE your mediations. The best ever!! I think that your nursing training and your understanding of the body makes you a better yoga teacher. You can throw in comments and explain why or why not to do certain move. Why we are all individuals and our bodies are different. This information is so valuable.

It is clear that you are just a gorgeous person and do care about people. This really comes across in your approach and your classes have a warmth to them and a great positive energy. You are welcoming and kind. You have a smile. You are professional in your approach yet you are playful too and make a couple of funny comments here and there that would make the beginners feel relaxed. I would and did recommend your class to other people and I loved your class.”

Catherine, Homemaker

“I knew I needed to do some kind of exercise, and yoga has always been my preferred choice. I was hoping it was similar to the Hatha yoga I did over 13 years ago and my expectations were more than met, I really enjoyed your classes. I feel more supple and my knees feel much stronger which is great news. I enjoyed all the movements, but my favourite is always the relaxation and meditation bits. The class was perfect for me and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.”

Marina, Office Manager

“Jess, I enjoyed your yoga classes so much– warm and friendly, and taught with a great heart. There’s a genuineness and authenticity to your teaching, enhanced by obvious exploration of the postures and movements for your own well-being which gives personal insight into your teaching.”

Dermot, Shiatsu Practitioner